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The attendance management system is a tool that keeps track of employee and student attendance in institutes. It gives complete data about the time the students are present in the institute and the time they take off. This process can be conducted by recording student and employee hours using online attendance software for your company.

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Features of Our System

Insightful Data Analytics

Keep a tab on every student/ staff attendance activity by using dashboard which is integrated with the institute/ company system for better insight.

Free Process

With digital attendance process, admin has less workload, no paper work, more free time, which result in increased emphasis on work.


Get live real time attendance data within institutes/ company premises, which can be easily access by admin.

Promote Better Workplace Communication

Ensure smooth attendance management with cards as well as stay updated with regular salary status of staff.

Highly Secure

Keep attendance data safe and eliminate the possibility of data theft.

100% Accuracy

Students/ Staff attendance Record.Compile all data record and generate highly accurate records which can be used for compliance authorities for accreditation process.


What is Attendance Management Software?

An attendance management system documents the time of students and staff enter and exit the institute premises and accurately mark their attendance. It refers to a digital personal assistant to carry out the mundane time-consuming tasks for faculty and management.


What is the purpose of Attendance Management Software?

The purpose of an attendance management system is to automate the attendance process and help admin & HR teams to keep a track of students and staff.


What are the advantages of using Attendance Management Software in institutes/offices?

  • Enhanced Accuracy & Accessibility
  • Improved Productivity of Faculty
  • Overall Cost Reduction of Institutes
  • Significantly eliminates manual error
  • Flexible and eliminates data duplication

Payroll Integration

Integrated attendance summary with payroll, which can be used for calculating salary and other benefits by considering the days the faculty was present, absent, and was on leave.

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Paperless Attendance

With digital attendance software, the institute significantly cuts down its dependence on paper documentation, thereby making the process eco-friendly.

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